New LSR capabilities featured at NPE2012


The rising importance of liquid silicone rubber molding in the American medical market was apparent in several exhibits and demonstrations at NPE2012 last week in Orlando, FL.

LSR provides improved clarity, heat and chemical resistance and better cost performance for high-precision
parts compared to many other elastomers, including high-consistency silicone rubber. Many thermoplastic molders in the United States are adding LSR as medical device manufacturers seek contract manufacturers with broad capabilities.

It was clear at NPE 2012 that the bar for LSR molding is rising.

"Precision molding is becoming increasingly important in LSR molding applications across all market segments" Steve Broadbent, LSR/ELAST project engineer at Engel Machinery North America (York, PA) told a packed news conference. "The need for post-process trimming is no longer acceptable, which means flashless production is a must."...
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