New Inspection Systems for Closures – INTRAVIS launches CapWatcher® III

CapWatcher III with INTRAVIS-Panel

With the new vision inspection system material and manufacturing defects of plastic closures do not remain undetected. Thanks to gentle and safe handling even ultra-lightweight water closures are inspected effortlessly with the CapWachter in its third generation.

True to the INTRAVIS motto “a higher amount of data leads to more powerful decisions” the vision inspection system was enhanced once again in its third generation. Ultra high-performance hardware and faster software enable the CapWatcher III to achieve high selectivity and precision when making a decision about the quality of plastic closures. The CapWatcher III inspects up to 3,600 objects per minute.

Decisions about closure inspections are based on numerous parameters. Customers are no longer satisfied with only good or bad inspection results. INTRAVIS software gives real-time feedback about trend developments therefore preventing large scale production defects. Detailed statistics are gathered hourly, daily or in customized intervals fulfilling all reporting needs. The increased data volume ensures higher accuracy for general trend statements as well as single evaluations.

Accuracy is the distinguishing characteristic of the CapWatcher III. Six high-resolution color cameras capture razor-sharp images of each closure with a total of 6 megapixels. Even lightweight water closures, which often made an inspection difficult due to their high translucency, low side wall heights and smaller tamper evident bands, can be inspected with the CapWatcher III.

In addition to the closure handling, complete system control through a single HMI is also a new feature of the CapWatcher III. Customers do not only control the vision inspection system through the HMI, all peripheral components such as bunker, sorter and octabin filler are controlled as well. This combination also allows for offline quality control of closure batches.

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