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New Glass Fibre-Reinforced VICTREX® PEEK – Durable Material Alternative for Food Contact Applications

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2013-09-03, Hofheim am Taunus – Victrex Polymer Solutions has introduced a new glass fibre-reinforced thermoplastic: VICTREX PEEK 90GL30BLK EU for direct food contact applications. The newest product from the worldwide leading solution provider of PAEK polymers meets the current requirements of both American and European regulatory authorities, including the EU Commission Regulation10/2011 (Plastics Implementation Measure, PIM) which will be fully implemented by end 2015. The Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family, which also includes VICTREX PEEK, features many excellent properties and offers manufacturers a safe and durable alternative to materials such as metals or other plastics.

In the production of food and beverages – but also with kitchen equipment or beverage dispensers at home, in hotels or in restaurants – contamination and taste variation must be avoided. Manufacturers and consumers benefit from the use of the new VICTREX PEEK 90GL30BLK EU, because of its ability to satisfy very demanding requirements, delivering consistent long term performance.

Reliable in use

Unlike polymers such as PEI, PPS or PPA, the excellent wear resistance, great chemical and hydrolysis resistance, good creep properties, dimensional stability and outstanding strength of VICTREX PEEK make it the material of choice for components subjected to high pressure (up to 19 bar) steam. “That makes it possible for our polymer 90GL30BLK EU to help extend service life of components. And equally important, the taste stays the same,” explains Phil Pritchard, Product Development Manager for Victrex Polymer Solutions.

VICTREX PEEK is characterised by high resistance to chemicals, aggressive cleaning and disinfectant agents, high temperatures and steam. “And the use of PEEK can also deliver significant cost savings to the manufacturer. Compared with metals, the high-performance thermoplastic affords greater design flexibility and makes it possible to create more complex components, meeting the challenging design needs of a variety of applications,” explains Pritchard further. Moreover, components made from VICTREX PEEK can be produced inexpensively by means of injection moulding, eliminating the costly post-production work required for metals. That’s one of the reasons why VICTREX PEEK polymers have already been successfully used in food processing or domestic appliances.

New and existing grades satisfy EU and FDA requirements for food contact

Victrex Polymer Solutions has met the challenges of food contact applications for more than 30 years. VICTREX PEEK grades have complied with the provisions of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 3-A Sanitary Standards, and the various regulations and directives of the European Union.

The EU Directive 2002/72/EC was replaced by EU Commission Regulation 10/2011 for plastic materials in food contact applications which came into force on 1 May 2011, and will be fully implemented by 31 December 2015. Equipment and components marketed in the EU must comply with EU10/2011 regardless of their country of origin or manufacture. VICTREX PEEK 90GL30BLK EU fully meets the requirements of the EU Commission Regulation 10/2011.