Brampton Engineering Inc.

New! FlexWIN Winder

FlexWIN Winder
Brampton Engineering Inc. (BE) announces the introduction its new FlexWIN winder, which offers the highest versatility of any blown film winder in the market for even the most discriminating processors.

The FlexWIN is a bi-directional gap winder that features tapeless transfer with zero fold-over. It includes gearless direct drive servo motors to drive its spindles for precise torque control and energy savings. It is able to isolate the winding tension from the upstream web tension, and includes improved precision and range of tension control and lay-on pressure.

It is capable of winding in center mode, surface mode, and any center-surface combination. Its center-surface combination allows the FlexWIN to provide center winding with surface assist, a truly unique feature!

The capabilities designed into the FlexWIN winder guarantee perfectly wound rolls regardless if the film is thick or thin, slippery or tacky, rigid or extensible, stiff or supple, etc.