Dyneon GmbH 3M Advanced Materials Division

New Dyneon Compounding Technology

Seals manufactured with Dyneon Compounding Technology, Copyright: PIREP S.A 2013

3M Dyneon Compounding Technology

One of the latest solutions developed by Dyneon employs Dyneon's Compounding Technology to incorporate innovative micro particle fillers with 3M Dyneon PTFE. The first product application, radial shaft seals, is currently undergoing intensive testing at the Institute of Machine Components at the University of Stuttgart. The results to date have been very promising as Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Werner Haas, head of the Sealing Technology department at the Institute, explains: "Some of the advantages compared to component materials currently available on the market include remarkably low permeation, improved resistance to friction and wear as well as smoother finishes. The new high-tech composites produced with this technology perform better in virtually every respect, saving fuel for better economy and greater sustainability, while benefiting consumers and manufacturers through their improved longevity and processability."

Other targeted application fields are flat gaskets. They show excellent resistance to deformation under load when produced with the new compound technology.