Labtech Engineering Co., Ltd.

New Conical 12.5 mm single screw extruder shown at K on a co-ex film blowing line

Labtech Engineering has developed a conical 12.5 mm single screw extruder which has the unique capability to process regular polymer pellet sizes in spite of its very small diameter. This extruder will be shown at K where it is being used for a 3-layers co-ex film blowing line. This new extruder enables the processing of experimental polymers in small quantities without the need to have them pulverized in order to be able to be fed into such a small screw diameter. The extruder is also designed with a powerful drive, made possible by the relatively large screw core diameter so it can run polymers with very high melt viscosities.
Three units of this extruder will be shown running with polymers in the co-ex film blowing line during all exhibition days.