TSM Control Systems

New Blender Controls Package-TSM Control Systems

TSM has introduced a new blender controls package. This new package, consisting of a new electronics module and remote interface panel, has the latest in control technology.

The new electronics architecture (which has a dedicated a/d converter per load cell and electronic signal filtering) allows TSM to provide greater processing speeds than before. Couple this with a 150 MHz – 32 bit processor and 512k of memory, and you have much improved control response and a blender capable of more demanding applications, faster order changes, simpler recipe selection & changes and increased storage of pre-programmed job recipes.

Some of the superior specs include;

• 10/100 Ethernet port rj-45 for fast data transfers
• 2-8 mbytes sdram
• On board temperature sensor
• 16 high current protected digital outputs
• 8 optically isolated digital inputs
• High precision analog/digital interface;
• Extensive self diagnostic capabilities

One the principal features of the new electronics package is its flexibility. Not only is the more powerful, but it is also smaller. With advances in technology TSM have been able to provide a very compact electronics solution that comes in a removable modular box. This control module can be easily replaced, and contains all of the system electronics including a 24volt power supply.

The whole electronics is based around ease of use and simple maintenance and as the electronics are built in to a modular design with its own power supply, it is easy to disconnect and replaced without tools to minimise any possible downtime and no electricians are required to carry out this work. This makes it very cost effective for maintenance. Furthermore the control panel is a remote colour touch screen with easy to use symbol driven display.

In addition to the power and flexibility of the new electronics package, there are a number of extremely relevant external features which include;

• 3 serial ports - all support modbus;
• Can port
• Sd card interface
• 2 x USB port
• Option to connect external magnetic alarm beacon

Finally one of the greatest advances of this new controller is the ability to remotely access the blender from anywhere in the world. Using the built in Ethernet port and communications protocol “tel-net”, TSM can access the blender and diagnose problems directly on the blender. Some of the information we can view includes;

- number of batches
- network settings
- status of communication to different devices
- show current blender set and actual component weights
- auto / manual status, set and actual g/m, kg/hr
- view diagnostics
- show current configuration
- show current batch log file.
- show blender event log
- show current blender alarms
- show weight reading from the weigh hopper
- show any one of the files on the sd card
- provide remote software downloads via ftp

This feature is fully protected and only TSM can login remotely using a log in name and a password.