New Balance, EOS team up for custom 3D-printed athletic shoes


New 3D-printed athletic shoes from New Balance (Boston, MA) and EOS (Krailling, Germany) have hit the ground running! Custom running shoes are perfectly suited for the individual runner because everyone's foot- strike pattern, degree of pronation (the amount a runner's foot rolls inward with each step), and braking and propulsion forces are all unique. However, the extent to which most running shoe models vary is rather limited in comparison.

As a result, there are some who believe that personalizing a runner's shoes, specifically the spike plate that provides traction on the underside of the shoe, can help athletes become faster on the track. New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. is a big proponent of this trend. So it should be no surprise that New Balance has turned to design-driven manufacturing to 3D print custom spike plates, based on biomechanics and personal inputs, for elite athletes.

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