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New Amplifier Family with Fieldbus Connection to Injection Molding Machines means Integral Process Monitoring and Automatic Switching

New Amplifier Family with Fieldbus Connection to Injection Molding Machines
means Integral Process Monitoring and Automatic Switching
Kistler is presenting the new family of multichannel amplifiers, Type 5159A… with fieldbus
connection for equipping injection molding machines. The amplifiers have inputs for charge
signals of piezoelectric pressure sensors or signals from Type K, J, N and L thermocouples.
These signals provide information about the molding conditions in the mold and can be
used to optimize, monitor and control the process. Kistler will launch its new family of
amplifiers on Stand 10F04 in Hall 10 at K 2010, the world-leading International Trade Fair
for Plastics and Rubber to be held between 27th of October and the 3rd of November 2010
in Düsseldorf.
A Wide Variety of Interfaces for Injection Molding Machines
The new amplifiers are modular and fully digital. They are intended for amplifying up to four
input signals from pressure and/or temperature sensors. BNC connectors or connectors for
multichannel cabling can be chosen as charge inputs. In terms of signal outputs and
interfaces, the new amplifiers offer different options: communication with the injection
molding machine using fieldbus technology with VARAN client, including integration of
Euromap 75 is one new possibility. Alternatively, up to four analog outputs (±10 V), 24 V
control and status lines and digital I/O interfaces are available.
Automatic Switching
The automatic switching option already familiar from the multichannel charge amplifier
Type 5155A… will also be available for the Type 5159A… . During injection molding of
thermoplastics it automatically detects volumetric filling of the mold and gives the injection
molding machine a signal to switch from injection to holding pressure phase. This automatic
switch-over option reduces the effort involved in setting up, as the amplifier automatically
sets the switching point for the machine without manual optimization. During production
the amplifier automatically readjusts the switching point to keep the attributes of the
finished part more consistent in the event of process fluctuations. The controllers of today's
injection molding machines provide one input for the signal for automatic switching as a

The new, fully digital, multichannel amplifiers Type 5159A… communicate with the injection molding
machine via fieldbus, supplying a signal for automatic switching from injection pressure to holding
Kistler will present its portfolio of products for plastics processors, moldmakers and
manufacturers of plastics machinery on Stand 10F04 in Hall 10 at K 2010 – the International
Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber to be held from the 27th of October to the 3rd of
November 2010 in Düsseldorf. On its own stand, Kistler will demonstrate quality assurance
of injection molding of a medical part on the basis of mold cavity pressure.
At K 2010 Kistler will also be providing live demonstrations of the capabilities of its sensors
and systems on nine separate injection molding machines on stands of partnering companies
in Halls 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 16. The spectrum of applications range from the
development of new methods of processing through optimization of injection molding
processes to quality assurance and process control in large-scale production.
Background: Quality Assurance with Mold Cavity Pressure
The cavity pressure curve is considered to represent a fingerprint of the injection molding
process. It is the most informative characteristic for evaluating the quality of the part.
Deviations from the optimum curve are clear indications of process fluctuations that lead to
part defects ranging from incomplete mold filling to flashing or dimensional discrepancies.
As the supplier with the largest and widest range of sensors for all methods of injection
molding, simple connection technology and intuitively easy to operate, networkable
systems, Kistler is the only manufacturer to offer complete monitoring of injection molding
from a single source. Kistler is the world's leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature
sensors for use in the plastics processing industry.