New APEM system optimizes medical molds and molding


Building high-volume molds for medical devices and components requires a business offering collaborative, interactive development, with the experience to understand how to reduce material costs, cycle time and labor.

That's what Sarasota Precision Engineering's Medical Division in Sarasota, FL says it has created through its Advanced Precision Engineered Molds (APEM) System for its customers in the medical industry. With 30 years of experience in designing, engineering and building injection molds, SPE's medical division is able to offer cutting edge manufacturing to its customers.

Mike Ontiveros, vice president and partner at SPE, said that the key to customers' success is having the experience in engineering tooling for high volume molding operations. "The APEM System provides cost savings in material consumption through reduced cycle times, mold design that include proper venting, and tool management to generate a better bottom line," said Ontiveros in an interview....
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