New AKYVER Panel Silence

Vault in Akyver Silence

AKYVER® Silence is our last innovation for the buildings in particularly noisy environments (sport halls, schools, airports, building along the highway …), showing a record acoustic insulation, going till 30 dB for the surrounding noises and reducing the impact of rain noise of 8 dB. In summary, an efficient compromise energy performance / sound insulation. Moreover, thanks to its particular aesthetics, this product also appeals to designers who wish to create buildings with high architectural value. Advantages : - 2 x less of noise (till 10 dB improvement comparing to standard SPC) - Reduction of greenhouse effect, improvement of solar factor ~ 20% - Light’s natural diffusion - Possible on all AKYVER sheets structures and systems - Weight gain comparing to double glazing - Unique aesthetics, possible to play with colours by back lighting