ALPS - Air Logic Power Systems LLC

New 2 Station Moving Head Machine for up to 150 BPM

ALPS Speed-Glider 2.5 leak tester

ALPS (Air Logic Power Systems, LLC) is pleased to introduce a further expansion of its Speed-Glider high speed linear container leak tester, called the Speed-Glider 2.5. The new machine will be available to the general market after being displayed at Pack Expo in September 2013.

The Speed-Glider 2.5 offers an approximately 20% lower cost, and 25% smaller footprint, alternative to the existing 3 and 4 station Speed-Glider container leak testers. It also offers a higher speed, higher efficiency and easier-to-setup/changeover alternative to ‘bottle stop’ linear leak testers that stop containers ‘on the fly’ using cylinders.

The two-station continuous-motion linear leak tester is capable of rates up to 150 Containers-Per-Minute (9,000 CPH). The Speed-Glider 2.5 has a Container Pitch (distance between test heads) of 7 inches (178mm) and is nominally capable of container lengths (in the direction of travel) of up to the 5 inch (127mm) range for square containers and 6.25 inch (158mm) range for round containers.

A Timing Screw handling system provides positive control of containers, in order to ensure high efficiencies and quick/efficient changeovers at these speeds. The system can be easily mounted to existing continuous conveyor lines, in many cases eliminating the need for additional conveyors and bottle transfers.