Neue Herbold: Extension of the SM Granulator Range

Neue Herbold Maschinen - und Anlagen GmbH located in Sinsheim, Germany, have extended their SM granulator range by introducing the new SM1000/… machine.

The new granulator SM1000/… is completing the upper range of the SM series. This machine has a rotor diameter of 1.000 mm and will be offered in various widths.

This granulator type is especially designed for applications where a large throughput capacity is required or for the size reduction of large and bulky materials, says the manufacturer.

The SM1000/… can be offered with various types of feeding hoppers and devices as well as with various rotor geometries. This means that the SM1000/… series machine can be used for many different applications such as; size reduction of plastic films, lumps, purging's, profiles, pipes or thick walled parts as well as for the size reduction of large and bulky products like "containers and boxes”. For "wash” grinding, a wet version is also available.

All Neue Herbold granulators are equipped with the "double cross” cutting action. The inclined angle of both the rotor and the bed knives ensures a constant cutting gap across the entire width of the knives.