NatureWorks and BioAmber make AmberWorks; Lanxess announces BioAmber plasticizer investment


AmberWorks, the new U.S.-based bioplastics joint venture created by polylactic acid (PLA) producer NatureWorks and bio-succinic acid producer BioAmber, combines the strengths of both these companies to form an entity tasked with developing a new family of bio-based compounded polymer solutions.

Compounded PLA/PBS resin grades, developed and manufactured by AmberWorks, will be marketed exclusively through the NatureWorks global commercial organization as new and distinct solutions within the company's Ingeo portfolio of products. The new blends will offer enhanced performance in terms of flexibility, toughness, heat resistance, and good drop-in processability on existing manufacturing equipment compared to current Ingeo materials.

"The properties of PLA and PBS are complementary and making Ingeo compounds using both materials will result in a broad and attractive property profile for a number of different applications," says Marc Verbruggen, president and chief executive officer, NatureWorks....
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