Naturally clean - WEICON Citrus Cleaner

WEICON Citrus Cleaner
WEICON has got a new product in the range for powerful and gentle cleaning on a natural basis – WEICON Citrus Cleaner.

WEICON Citrus Cleaner has been developed for cleaning of machinery and equipment, precision engineering and precision mechanisms in industry and trade.
The new cleaner removes soilings by oils, greases and lubricants, resins and tar, rubber residues and abrasion, soilings by pencils, pens and markers, residues of adhesive tapes and labels, fresh silicone sealant and polyurethane foam can also be removed.

The cleaning effect results from the special pH neutral active substance combination.
The spray is suitable for the cleaning of all different surfaces, e.g. metal, plastic, glass, ceramic or painted and coated surfaces. The material compatibility should be checked beforehand for safety on a hidden area.
WEICON Citrus Cleaner can be used in many different areas, like industry and trade, window construction, public institutions and means of transport, construction companies and household or hobby.
The application of WEICON Citrus Cleaner is very easy. Spray from a distance of about 30 cm onto the surface to be cleaned, allow to react and wipe off with a clean, lint-free cloth. Heavy soilings may require more time for the product to react. If necessary repeat the process. Not suitable for the preparation of parts to be bonded!