Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

Nano-Layer technology

Nano-layer technology with water quench blown film line
Alpha Marathon has expanded
its collaboration with Spartanburg, SC/USA-based BBS Corporation and developed high-output blown film systems for these applications, using its proprietary Alpha Glacier downward water-quenching technology and Alpha Plus double bubble technology. In both technologies, water rapidly has an effect on the film structure by directly cooling the film and creating a more amorphous structure that improves the mechanical and optical qualities of the film.
In addition, nano-layers can offer better transparency and flexibility due to a phenomenon which results from multiple ultra-thin layers being side by side. In fact, the heat content within each nano-layer is tiny. When the re-crystallisation temperature has reached quenching, cooling would be instantaneous because very little heat needs to be removed. So instant quenching is the main function in this case and will result in higher gloss (better optical) in final products.