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Oxford Performance Materials Inc. (OPM; Enfield, CT) is once again on its own, with the company's original founders buying back the polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) medical business from Arkema, which partially acquired the business in 2009. OPM founders Scott DeFelice and Severine Zygmont purchased the complete ownership of the biomedical business unit, which they have managed since the firm's inception in 2002.

OPM will be moving into a new 18,000-sq-ft facility South Windsor, CT with expanded clean rooms intended for polymer processing and what the company called "additional fabrication technologies" that it will now offer. The company says the expansion project will be completed by this September, with further details to be announced.

DeFelice, president and CEO of OPM said in a release that, "Arkema has been a great partner, but the demands of the biomedical business and industrial business now require more efficient and focused structures."...
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