Names in the News: SAS Automation makes money with the sun, Steve McCance with us


Robotic end-of-arm-tooling supplier SAS Automation figures that within three years it will have paid for its recent investment in a new photovoltaic solar array on its corporate headquarters in Xenia, Ohio. Thereafter there is a good chance the solar array will turn into a moneymaker for the manufacturer.

On sunny days the solar panels generate approximately 36,000 watts of power, and are expected to produce over 60 Million Watt Hours of electricity over the next year, saving the SAS manufacturing facility over 30% of its electricity costs.

The array consists of 222 solar panels each providing 230 watts for a total of 51.2 kWatts. Local electricians, contractors, and installation crews installed the solar installation last month. This total project cost approximately $280,000. ...

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