Names in the News: IDES, Wittmann Battenfeld, Beaumont Tech. and more


Happy 25th birthday to IDES, the Web-based database of plastics data sheets. Wittmann Battenfeld has a new boss in Denmark, Kreyenborg expands its HQ and Zenith Cutter is acquired. Congrats to Beaumont Technologies, now a Certified Expert Moldflow Insight Consultant.

IDES (Laramie, WY) was founded in 1986 by Mike Kmetz, who remains the company's president. At the time he was studying mechanical engineering at the University of Wyoming and working with a graduate computer science student to develop a searchable database for the plastics IBM was using in its products. The database they created included technical information for each plastic, including property and processing data.

The database has grown to have more than 350,000 users, and the Prospector Plastics Database includes nearly 85,000 technical datasheets from 850 resin suppliers....
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