NPE2015: Verstraete IML spin-off company works to give in-mold labels new life


Plastic Recycling Verstraete (PRV), a spin-off company of Verstraete IML, reprocesses some 3,500 tons of polypropylene waste into new raw material PP pellets each year. Plastics Recycling Verstraete is located a short distance from Verstraete IML in Maldegem, Belgium. The equipment at PRV runs “flat out” to give Verstraete IML’s business waste new life, said CEO Koen Verstraete.

“By processing the polypropylene waste from Verstraete IML, we retain control,” he explained. “We know exactly what our new raw material will be used for. For instance, the automotive and the roof cladding industries use our PP pellets to produce tires and roofing. This transparency fits within our open philosophy. Furthermore, PRV is a good example of how we do business sustainably.”

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