NPE2015: DSM sweats the small stuff, so that healthcare personnel don't have to


Surgical gowns and protective medical garments must balance exceptional levels of safety with comfort, a feat that conventional technologies don't always achieve, according to DSM (Sittard, Netherlands). At NPE2015, the company will showcase its Arnitel VT thermoplastic copolyester that provides an iron-clad barrier against bacteria and viruses without inconveniencing healthcare workers.

"Micro-perforated systems, often based on polyolefins, provide comfort but do not ensure a 100% barrier against bacteria and viruses," says Paul Habets, Global Business Incubator, Marketing, DSM Engineering Plastics. "And conventional polymer systems without perforations offer barrier protection but are lacking significantly in comfort." Arnitel VT, developed by DSM, provides a 100% barrier against viruses, bacteria and a multitude of other media without compromising on comfort, says Habets.

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