NPE2012 hot runner rundown: The age of hot runner systems is upon us


The demand for hot runner systems has increased with the move toward greater efficiencies, higher productivity, and reduced scrap. That’s pretty much the word from the hot runner systems manufacturers that proliferated NPE. It also shows that molders and their mold suppliers continue to try to get a good handle on the variabilities that impact processing and ultimately affect the bottom line.

Husky Injection Molding Systems introduced its latest hot runner and controller technologies, which are designed to help eliminate variability from the injection molding process. The company highlighted is new Ultra SideGate and UltraSync-E hot runners. A 64-drop valve gate UltraSync-E hot runner ran at NPE as part of the company’s medical workcell. Also displayed was Husky’s range of Altanium temperature controllers.

“Hot runners are one of the most sophisticated components of an injection molding system and have a direct impact on profitability and part quality,” said Martin Baumann, Husky’s business manager, Hot Runners. “Our new hot runner and controller technologies support Husky’s goal of providing innovative melt-delivery products that help customer eliminate variability their production process.”...
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