NPE2012: The vibe from Orlando is positive


PlasticsToday's marketing manager, Patrice Aylward, went to the NPE2012 Space Draw in Orlando, FL in her role as manager of our display. We asked her to send back some impressions of the event that we could pass along, and here's what Patrice, a veteran of many NPEs, reported back to us on the afternoon of January 13, 2011:

Maybe it was an omen. About the only state in the U.S. that did not have snow on Wednesday, January 12 was Florida, the Sunshine State. So folks that made it out of the other 49 states to the NPE2012 Space Drawing landed on clear, dry ground under sunny skies. The afternoon Marketing Workshop Session was the next good sign—the room was packed to the gills. For those that couldn't make it to Orlando because their flights were snowed in, SPI quickly arranged to have the space draw broadcast on its website, NPE2012 is off to a good start.

The positive Orlando vibe continued when folks from the Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCC&VB) stepped up to present at the workshop. If there's one message they and all the folks from Orlando delivered loud and clear, it was this: Orlando is committed to doing everything it can to make NPE2012 a success. They know SPI and the industry have taken a risk in moving NPE from Chicago. The Orange County Convention Center and the Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau made promises, and in their words, are committed to keeping them. I must say, I never felt that warm and fuzzy treatment from their Chicago peers all the while we convened up there. Once a doubter, I have been convinced Orlando can work for NPE. ...
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