MSA Engineering Systems Limited


MSA ENGINEERING SYSTEMS are ‘World Leaders’ in the design and manufacture of patented wire laying systems for the production of electrofusion fittings used to join thermoplastic pipes. A wide product portfolio includes associated electrofusion control equipment.

The NEXUS 500-LT electrofusion controllers are a NEW development of lightweight units. Utilising special transformer technology, the lightweight 'LT' units are still able to function with smaller generator sets (typically 3.5kW/4.4kVA). Having superior performance and reliability, they generate approximately 20% less heat from the transformer on a 220V unit, and approximately 35% less on a 110V unit. The 110V unit weighs only 17.8Kg, with the 220V unit weighing 19.3Kg (including the 3m input and 3m output leads).

Variations can be accommodated such as higher duty units for even larger couplers, and 80V output units.