MSA Engineering Systems Limited


The NEXUS LTX electrofusion controller is a NEW variation of the ‘LT’ unit, with an extra long duty cycle to cater for large diameter electrofusion couplers entering the market with output voltages up to 48V. MSA have been at the forefront of developing wire laying systems and large coupler designs up to 1200mm, so have superior knowledge over their welding characteristics.

The 220V input unit’s duty cycle has been tested for welds of 48V at 100 Amps for up to 1 hour (at room temperature), and weighs only 21kg (22kg with the additional keypad guard). The weights include the 3m input and 3m output leads.

It is important that the correct power supply is used to cope with the draw of the fitting to be welded.
• A 220V 3.5kVA continuously rated (TIN12) generator is suitable for MAX 65A @ 48V
• A 220V 5.0kVA continuously rated (TIN12) generator is suitable for MAX 100A @ 48V

Some generators are not continuously rated so in this case higher powered units may be required. The NEXUS LTX will also notify the user the required power requirement for a fitting after scanning the barcode and before the weld commences.