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The TCRG machine has been designed in order to eliminate core waste forever. By means of a patented system of joining, it is possible to join the cut off pieces of tube instead of cutting a brand new core, this allows the opportunity no longer throw away any more tubes. It's a light version of the full TCSG automatic. Remarkable savings will be made by recovering raw material. The system may be used by cardboard, PVC and PP tubes, without any mechanical intervention. Machine equipped with semiautomatic loader, Automatic core advance. Diameter, length, thinckness and type of material to be used may be set by the touch-screen. Thanks to our years of experience and positive feedback from our customers who have purchased our core cutters, we can state that the core saving is approximately 30% per year.

This main difference between this model and the others is the opportunity to exclude the joining system in case production without joining is required. This model can also cut up to 12" cores. Manual unloding system, with our machines you are able to buy just a single lenght of tubes instead of precut lengths (since the cut off material is no longer an issue). This gives you the ability to better organize your warehouse and increase both space and efficiency. There is another saving, because precut lenghts are more expensive then the standard ones. If you company produces too much waste per day, with our machine you can solve the problem: changing what today may appear as a mere cost into a guaranteed investment for the future.

The machine also includes an automatic filter and an installed double suction system to eliminate dust. On request we can supply a double filter for the separation of dust to plastic and paper. Standard configuration with semiautomatic loader and manual/automatic disc harge station.