WM Wrapping Machinery S.A.


Delivered new inline to produce more than 200.000 PS 200cc drinking cups per hour.
WM Wrapping Machinery SA based in Stabio (Switzerland) and world-wide represented by Meico, has delivered to a leading Italian producer of disposable cups a new four extruders in line thermoforming plant with an output of more than 200.000 cups 200cc per hour.

The complete turn key installation includes material handling through to rimming and packaging
of finished products.
The extrusion group has four different diameter extruders in order to obtain four layers sheet for twin colour cups.
The extruded sheet leaving the die head moves through a thermoconditioning calendar which maintains and stabilises the foil temperature, no additional heating is required and for this reason the sheet enters the forming tool without passing under heating ovens, saving space and energy consumption.
The forming tool is made of 117 cavities for the 200cc-cup diam. 70,3mm. and with a weight of 2.7 gr. per cup a running cycle speed of 30 cycle per minute is achieved.

After the forming, a separate horizontal trimming press provides the cutting of the cups and a blowing stacker conveys the piles to the subsequent operations of rimming, counting and packaging.

The scrap coming out from the lower part of the trimming press is then directly grounded by a mill installed in the basement of the press and is sent by a blower back to the mixing and dosing group over the extruders in order to be reused in line.
The complete in line installation can be managed by one operator only, with a significant personnel reduction.
Other important advantages offered by the system are: improved product quality, better use of energy, space reduction and optimisation of production output with the minimum of scrap.
All the line is controlled by an extremely reliable and well-tested industrial PC, a colour monitor is fitted with a soft-touch keypad and a USB memory stick is available for the storage of all the data and cycle parameters. Furthermore, an ETHERNET part enables the line to be connected to one or more computers via the company network and a printer connection, all comes as standard supply.
Finally there is also a modem for remote connection to facilitate any after-sales service and technical support.
WM Wrapping Machinery SA supplies also complete in line installations for PP cups, disposable plates and dairy products as well as off line thermoforming machines for all kind of packaging and materials.
The first in line plant was manufactured by the Swiss Company in 1992 and since then more then one hundred complete inline installations have been supplied all over the world.