Bunting Magnetics Co.

NEO Advance in Equipment and Product Protection

NEWTON, KS – Bunting Magnetics Co. has launched a new breakthrough in magnetic metal separation for injection molders. Bunting is introducing an all-new NEO FF Series Drawer Magnet that offers what it calls the most significant advance in equipment and product protection since the advent of its first widely used FF Series Drawer Magnet in 1964.

The original Bunting FF Series Drawer Magnet was designed to set a new standard in equipment protection and product purity for plastic molding equipment. Bunting says it once again is setting a new, higher separation standard for the plastics processing industry.

Bunting’s NEO Drawer Magnet features high-strength, high-temperature neodymium magnets that can capture and hold ferrous metal particles so small that equipment operators may not be able to see them with the naked eye. This exceptional level of magnetic metal separation means less downtime as well as reduced screw wear and fewer plugged hot runner nozzles.

The NEO Drawer Magnet is built with a rugged stainless steel housing for durability. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be mounted at the injector throat. A single stainless steel center drawer guide makes removal and reinstallation of the magnet drawer quick and easy, so maintenance and cleaning can be fast and trouble free.

The drawer gasket on these new NEO Drawer Magnets is designed to far outlast sponge rubber. It is cut from Ethylene Propylene Diene (EPDM) to provide extended durability and to resist heat aging and compression set. The magnet drawer is locked in place by new high-torque nylon

knobs that resist breakage and stand up to everyday use much better than plastic knobs. A new magnetic latch keeps Bunting’s patented No-Spill™ Slide Gate in the open position under high vibration conditions without hampering normal operation.

Bunting reports that the new NEO Drawer is available at a price comparable to a mild steel drawer with Ceramic magnets. It offers enhanced construction and enhanced performance without a premium price. Like all Bunting Drawer Magnets, the NEO comes with a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser.

To see photographs, dimensional drawings, and specifications for Bunting NEO Drawer Magnets and other Bunting Magnetic Metal Separators and Metal Detectors, visit the company’s Web site at www.buntingmagnetics.com. For more information, write Bunting Magnetics Co., 500 S. Spencer Avenue, PO Box 468, Newton, KS 67114-0468; call 1-800-835-2526 (US & Canada) or 1-316-284-2020; or send e-mail to bmc@buntingmagnetics.com.