Multi-layer polyamide system for conductive fuel lines

There is an increasing demand for conductive automotive fuel lines due to safety reasons. The use of conductive plastic tubes for feed and return lines has become essential for US car manufacturers as well as for OEMs in Japan and Korea. Nowadays, even European OEMs are orienting towards this trend too. This is according to a key Japanese supplier of resins for this application; Ube Industries.
Explains Ube: “The flow of hydrocarbon and other non-polar liquids over plastics can cause static electricity build-up. Any spark due to sudden electrical discharge in the fuel lines can cause an explosive effect. Conductivity eliminates static electric charge build-up by dissipating the electric charge, avoiding risk of fuel ignition.” Consequently, OEM specifications and many global standards such as SAE J1645 require that supply and return lines for carrying liquid fuel shall have conductive properties to allow electrostatic discharge (ESD).

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