MuCell Extrusion: Nearly doubled production space in Woburn - New units able to handle higher injection pressures

MuCell Extrusion LLC has almost doubled its assembly space in 2013, with the addition of a new 6000 square foot building adjacent to its headquarters in Woburn, MA. The new building is designed for assembly and testing of its supercritical fluid hardware, which now includes units available to handle injection pressures of up to 1000 bar (15,000 psi).

"Our business continues to see excellent growth in all of our markets around the globe and we need more space,” said Mark Lindenfelzer, President of MuCell Extrusion LLC. ”We expect to ship roughly 50 systems this year, spread just about evenly between our customers in Asia, North America and Europe. We're serving a variety of markets, including blown film and blow molding, as well as sheet, wire and cable and pipe applications. Our new facility became available late last year to help us serve this robust customer demand,” he added.

"We're also introducing SCF hardware able to handle injection pressures of 15,000 psi for applications that demand it”, said Lindenfelzer. "These units complement our existing 7,500 psi units, which are unique in the industry in enabling precise control of gas at any output rate. They are ideally matched to microcellular foam extrusion, which requires extremely precise control of gas, often at high pressures”, he said.

About MuCell Extrusion Technology
MuCell technology is based on the direct injection of atmospheric gas (N2 or CO2) in its supercritical state. MuCell has applied this technology to most plastic materials and processes. Rigid sheet, low-density flexible sheet, blown film, cast film, pipe/tubing/profile, and blow molding manufacturing processes are all current applications using MuCell technology. MuCell's innovative and accessible technology brings significant material weight-savings and cost reduction opportunities, without compromising physical product performance.

In 2012, Dow Chemical and MuCell reached an agreement for MuCell to acquire exclusive rights to Dow's patent portfolio for flat sheet resin technology, and more recently Dow's patents for foam film technology.

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