Borch Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mr. Borch Zhu’s election as Chairman of CPMIA

Mr. Borch Zhu, President of Borch Machinery Co., Ltd., was elected as the Chairman of China Plastics Machinery Industry

Association (CPMIA) in Member Congress of 20th anniversary on 18th, May.

Mr. Zhu stated that he will, as always, inherit and promote distinct tradition of Association. Association will continuously

unit all those power that can be united , strengthen the organization, and meanwhile enhance communication with

government, promote the status of plastics industry in domestics industry, reflect the requirements and suggestions from

enterprises, achieve more political support. Competition will be boosted. Enterprise upgrading and transformation of will

be rapidly preceded and developed. Mr. Zhu specified association should take advantage of its national level status, and

protect impartial treatment when enlarging the cooperation of international industry.

Meanwhile anti-dumping and anti-subsidy should be coordinated to solve with relative departments. We should deepen the friendship with brother

institutes, especially establish union strategy relationship with professional plastics machinery institutes,

such as plastics, pipe fitting, car, and appliances etc.