ASS Maschinenbau GmbH

More room for Automation and Innovation

New headquarterd of ASS Maschinenbau GmbH
On 25 May 2013, the new ASS headquarters, which is part of INDUS HOLDING AG, was opened in Overath.

Reinhold Ziewers, Managing Director of ASS, welcomed Rudolf Weichert, member of the INDUS Holding AG Board, Mayor of Overath, Andreas Heider, and 150 national and international business partners and political representatives at the grand opening. He later welcomed 170 friends and family members of the ASS workforce. Together Mr. Weichert, Mr. Ziewers and Mayor Heider, cut the symbolic red ribbon to signify the opening.

Logistical Challenges

The building process was swift and smooth. It began in April of 2012, and by July, the roofing ceremony took place. Nine months later the machines were producing grippers. Due to the optimal and logistical planning, production was not interrupted and supply shortages were avoided. The move went unnoticed by customers. Mr. Ziewers thanked the 100 ASS employees at the opening for their commitment, without which, our smooth relocation would not have been feasible.

Increasing Quality Requirements – The Building Concept for the Future

The new headquarters provided us the opportunity to optimally adapt to the increased demands of customers, while simultaneously improving the working conditions for employees. The modern office and manufacturing complex is designed to be flexible. It has sufficient capacity for the production of high quality gripper components, complex robotic hands, and innovative automation systems.
“Customers and markets are changing faster and faster,” said Ziewers. “With the new building concept, ASS will have the flexibility to adapt to any change for years to come.”

Future Technology at a Prime Location

Mayor Heider warmly welcomed our decision to build in Overath, “ASS built a showpiece building on a crown location,” praised Mr. Heider.
Mr. Weichert stated that the automation industry is future technology, and that our headquarters´ news location will bring about many new innovations, which has INDUS full support.
Our headquarters´ modern and structured design consists of clear architectural lines and large glass window. The design placed emphasis on energy efficiency: the building has a gas absorption heat pump, and a heat pump with a thermodynamic cycle and heat recovery. The heat pump uses outside air as a renewable energy source.

Lightweight and Flexibility in Focus

The trend towards lightweight building is apparent: vehicles are becoming lighter, which reduces CO2 emissions and increases efficiency. ASS is prepared to handle these growing tasks with its continuing research and development in the handling of thermoplastic carbon fiber composites. ASS is up to date on the development and innovation of lightweight technology. For several years, ASS has used a laser sintering machine for light and flexible components made of polyamide. This SLS machine also supports prototyping and the development of handling techniques.