More deals sealed at K for Brampton, Leistritz


Finalizing the sale at K, Brampton Engineering Inc. (BE; Brampton, ON) announced the sale of its third BE coextrusion line to Haremar Plastic Manufacturing Ltd. (Vaughan, ON), while compounding extruder supplier Leistritz sold the ZSE 50 MAXX twin-screw extruder on its stand to WMK Plastics GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany). The BE system sold at K is the third BE coextrusion line sold to Haremar, a manufacturer of polyethylene and barrier film products for the printing and converting. Haremar opened its 139,000-ft2 plant in 2003, running a 3-layer Battenfeld Gloucester co-extrusion line, with a 5-layer BE system commissioned in 2008.

Thorsten Rosenbohm, CEO and owner of WMK Plastics said the new twin-screw compounding line from Leistritz would allow it to boost polyamide production by up to 1000 tonnes/yr. WMK, which is a manufacturer of plastics and special compounds, was drawn to the new ZSE 50 MAXX by its combination...

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