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More Light, Better Product Quality: Dr. Schenk Sirius Light Technology

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is the inspiration for Dr. Schenk's Sirius Light Technology (SLT).
The first step in detecting a defect is being able to see it. This may sound simple but depending on the properties of the inspected materials, large quantities of light can be required for defects to stand out.

Like Sirus, the brightest star in the night sky, Dr. Schenk's Sirius Light Technology delivers more light than other inspection systems are capable of providing. Ultra-bright LEDs ensure that no defect can go unnoticed.

More light reveals more defects and shows them in greater detail. And Dr. Schenk Sirius Light Technology has even more to offer:

See defects from all perspectives
Just as Sirius is composed of more than one star, Sirius Light Technology offers more than one illumination angle to illuminate defects.This is essential for MIDA, Multiple Image Defect Analysis

Show defects in different colors
Like the light from Sirius covers different spectral classes, Sirius Light Technology can use different wavelengths to reveal defects more reliably for better qualification and classification.

All the light you need - exactly where you need it
Sirius Light Technology allows customizing the illumination to use the right amount and kind of light to detect the defects that matter to you.

Talk to us and find out how Sirius Light Technology and MIDA can reveal the defects that are critical in your production.