Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH

More Filtration Area: Same Price / RSFgenius scores in middle on typical throughput ranges with significant performance improvements, self – cleaning system puts it technologically even further ahead

Filtration System RSFgenius 90 (patented)
For common extrusion throughput rates of between 500 and 4.000 kg/h., Gneuss Kunststofftechnik from Bad Oeynhausen Germany now has 5 model sizes within the fully automatic, process constant and self- cleaning screen changer RSFgenius range with up to 40 % more active filter area. Further, the back flushing system has been improved to reduce the back flushing losses even further. The heating and insulation has been re-designed, offering significant energy savings. The result: even more cost efficient filtration.

By optimising the melt channel geometry, it was possible to increase the active filtration area of the model sizes RSFgenius 75, 90, 150, 175 and 200 by between 30 and 40 %. The increased filter area has an important advantage in that given the same throughput rate and filtration fineness, the next smaller model size can be used. This has two advantages: on the one hand, the specific investment cost for the filtration system can be reduced and on the other hand space on even the most cramped extrusion lines can easily be found for the already compact design one model size smaller, there is no need to do without high quality filtration due to the restrictions of the installation. In other cases, advantages to the processor are offered by being able to use the same model size with finer filtration or with the same filtration and a reduced pressure differential.

At this year´s „K“, Gneuss will be exhibiting examples of the RSFgenius range incorporating the improvements described above. Especially in recycling applications, the lowest possible material loss through back flushing and the longest possible time interval between filter changes are important with regard to the economic success of the operation. For this reason, the latest generation RSFgenius is equipped with a completely electronically – controlled back flushing system. This ensures that the absolute minimum of polymer is lost during back flushing and that the filter elements are only exchanged when absolutely necessary. Finally, Gneuß has redesigned the already efficient heating and insulation to enable further energy savings. In comparison to conventional screen changers, the RSFgenius range has typically at least 25 % less energy consumption which also helps with regard to cost efficient production.

With regard to the minimisation of back flushing waste and reductions in energy consumption, the RSFgenius range of Melt Filtration Systems from Gneuss sets new, unparalleled standards.