Monthly recycled resin report launched


In response to requests from plastics recyclers to develop a report for their market segment, as well as the rapid growth of the segment, petrochemical reporting firm PetroChem Wire (PCW; Houston) announced that it will launch a monthly market price publication that provides a snapshot of pricing trends for reprocessed and recycled plastic. PCW's Repro/Regrind Report will serve a market that PCW says has more than tripled during recent years. That growth can be linked to the expansion of consumer awareness and consumer recycling efforts regarding recycling, which has led to more materials becoming available for recycling and reentry into the market.

Kathy Hall, PCW executive editor, told PlasticsToday that the report will be generated in a fashion similar to its reports on the prime grade resin markets, with PCW editors gathering information on the repro and regrind resin markets by talking with market participants all along the supply chain, including resin producers, recyclers, and processors/converters, as well as distributors and traders. Hall said that roughly one year ago, several companies that subscribe to the PetroChem Wire's daily newsletter asked if PCW would consider extending its coverage of the resin markets to include the repro and regrind markets. "After conducting months of market research," Hall said, "it was determined that many companies were interested to see a newsletter like PCW address the evolving repro and regrind markets, especially as those markets were affected by the volatility seen in the prime grade markets in recent years."...
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