Momentive makes open and shut case for new LSR in medical applications


Momentive (Leverkusen, Germany) chose the Fakuma trade show in Germany this week to launch a new liquid silicone rubber formulation in its Silopren portfolio of materials that helps to solve a sticky problem for medical device manufacturers, among others. Silopren LSR RSH significantly reduces so-called self healing in silicone rubber valve slits, which can cause the opening to partially or fully seal shut. Mini-valves and multi-slit designs are prone to this, according to Momentive, and it can be especially problematic in medical device applications, as this can lead to dosing variances and even device failure in needle-free infusion systems, for example.

“The valve can stick when exposed to harsh conditions,” Tina Wei, Global Marketing Director, Life Science, told PlasticsToday from the Momentive booth. “This can occur during storage or special processing. In the past, self-healing has been addressed by applying a non-stick surface treatment to the part or adding release agents or oils to the material,” adds Wei, “but those processes increase the risk of contamination.” They also may increase the cost to manufacturers.
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