Molybdenum sulfide-lubricated polyamide targets metal replacement

Applications requiring toughness, high compressive strength and lubricity such as bushings will reportedly benefit from the availability of new injection-molding grades of molybdenum-disulfide-filled polyamide 66 compounds from Clariant (Muttenz, Switzerland).

Mechanical properties of the material are reportedly impressive. These include a tensile strength at yield of 11,500 psi, a tensile elongation at break of 17,000 psi, and a flexural strength at yield of 410,000 psi.

Clariant reported that the grades' properties make the material a good choice for metal replacement applications. "In the past, such products have been machined out of extruded bar stock but this approach is costly due to processing time involved and material waste," says the supplier. By injection molding the new Clariant MoS2-lubricated nylon, processors can eliminate scrap almost entirely and cut manufacturing times by 75% or more. For applications requiring extremely tight tolerances, parts can be molded and then machined to finished dimensions with minimal material waste and dramatically improved cycle times....

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