Molecor Tecnología S.L.

Molecor widens the range of its pipes and launches into the market the new Oriented PVC Pipe DN125 mm

The company increases in this way the possibilities of networks design, with diameters that guarantee effectivity in pressure and the required flow, with the corresponding saving in costs.
The company already achieved an important milestone becoming the worldwide pioneer in the manufacturing of Oriented PVC Pipes of DN 500, 630 and 800 mm. Since its foundation and in order to be a world reference in technology for piping network, Molecor© has a clear commitment to innovation, research and development to provide innovative solutions and to meet the challenges that the water supply market presents nowadays.

The molecular orientation process, provides the TOM® Pipe with exceptional mechanical and hydraulic characteristics compared to other materials pipelines existing in the market. We can highlight among them: its higher hydraulic capacity, enabling the conveyance of higher volumes of water for the same diameter; its lightness, that makes unnecessary the use of machinery up to big diameters, and being easily  manipulated and installed till DN 250 mm; its better behaviour in water hammer due to its lower celerity and its excellent impact resistance.

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