Molecor Milestones. From K-2007 to K-2013.

Molecor Milestones

Molecor Tecnologia is a Spanish company, founded in 2006, pioneer in air based molecular orientation technology applied to pipelines for the transport of water. Nowadays, the activity of the company is divided in two lines of business, Molecor Canalizaciones manufacturing and commercializing PVC-O pipes, and Molecor TECH which has developed a groundbreaking technology able to manufacture PVC-O pipes up to DN 800mm (30”) and 25 bar (365 psi). The first PVC-O pipe manufactured with Molecor patented technology was produced in 2007, just on time to be shown at the K-2007, the first K-Show for Molecor. This first tube was a DN200mm. In 2008 the range increased to DN400mm, until then the “unofficial” limit for PVC-O pipes. Thanks to the company’s continuous commitment to innovation, Molecor was able for the first time in 2010 to break this limit, and to manufacture tubes of larger diameters: DN 450 and DN 500 mm. This last one was then called “the biggest PVC-O pipe in the world”. That’s how the product was presented at the K-2010 show, where Molecor was present in Hall 16 as exhibitor. A conference was also held with a very positive response from the public. From K-2010 to K-2013 Molecor has gone a long way increasing the range of PVC-O pipes now produced. In 2010 the range went from DN 90 mm to DN 500 mm ( 4’’ -20’’) in PN 16 (232 psi) and PN25 bar. Nowdays PVC-O pipes are manufactured up to DN 630mm (24’’) PN25, and the technology is now ready to reach up to DN 800mm (30’’). In 2011, and due to the company expansion, an additional factory was opened in the outskirsts of Madrid, with the aim of further improving and advancing in R & D. This year the company is again moving to a larger facility in order increase its manufacturing capacity and thus to be able to give a better service to its clients. On this K-2013 edition Molecor will present one of its latest technological development, the ISS+, an innovative system, patent pending, to manufacture PVC-O pipes with Integrated Seal System, where the gasket is placed automatically inside the socket.