Moldmakers' spring survey shows strength


The Spring 2012 Business Forecast Survey of members of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) reveals that business conditions remain quite good for most mold builders. In fact, 'Excellent' current business conditions jumped 11 percentage points to 36% in the Spring survey, from 25% in the Winter 2012 survey. Current business conditions are 'good' for 54% of the survey respondents, down 4 percentage points from the Winter survey; and fair for 10%. Once again no respondents reported that current business conditions are "poor" or "bad," the same as the Winter 2012 survey.

"Mold business is very good for the year 2012," commented one respondent. That said however, another noted that, "Three months is not a good benchmark because there is generally an historic difference in tooling business from late in the year to the beginning of a new year. The new year is usually busier."

Projections of company's business over the next three months (Q2) fell strongly in the middle with a total of 80% of respondents reporting that they expect business to "increase moderately (41%) or "remain the same" (39%). Seven percent expect business to "increase substantially" and 13% expect business to decrease moderately. None of the respondents expects business to decrease substantially....
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