Molder of K'NEX toys builds support for Walmart's commitment to U.S.-made products


Walmart is continuing its search for 'Made in the USA' products, and on August 14, the giant retailer held a U.S. Manufacturing Summit in Denver, CO. Walmart executives, industry experts, suppliers, and component manufacturers gathered for two days to discuss Walmart's commitment to spending an additional $50 billion on investing in American-made products.

Along with over 85 other contract manufacturers, materials suppliers and service providers, was The Rodon Group, a subsidiary of K'NEX Brands LP, maker of construction toys and plastic injection molder that manufactures billions of parts for a diverse group of industries. The company has over 105 injection molding presses at its 125,000 sq-ft facility, and serves the consumer products, medical, construction, pharmaceutical and toy markets.

According to Michael Araten, president and CEO of K'NEX Brands and The Rodon Group, the company has manufactured more than 32 billion bricks, rods and connectors for K'NEX at its injection molding facility in Hatfield, PA. "We sell many of these toys at Walmart," he said. "So when the company (Walmart) announced its U.S. manufacturing commitment, we were thrilled - because we were aligned with a retailer that's acting on a cause we're passionate about."
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