Molder kickstarts compostable garden pot invention


Molders and moldmakers make good inventors, probably because they are exposed to so many products and people who also invent things. I've known many molders who wanted to invent a product for themselves. One molder told me many years ago that he was tired of molding stuff for other, successful inventors and wanted to come up with his own "great idea" and mold it.

Danny Mishek, Managing Director of VistaTek, a custom injection molding company in Stillwater, MN, got tired of throwing away starter pots every spring when he and his family planted their garden. So, Mishek came up with a "great idea"—the SelfEco compostable garden pot that contains plant food molded into the pot, which is made from NatureWorks PLA. The plant food—distillers' grain—is blended into the PLA and feeds the roots to produce healthy plants, which is easier and safer than having to add fertilizer. That also makes the pots biodegradable, according to Mishek.

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