Molder and IML technology help Redbox rebranding efforts


Often a unique company with an innovative business model needs a creative solution to its marketing challenges, and that can involve innovative manufacturing technology. Redbox revolutionized the entertainment industry 10 years ago by providing access to movies with a simple, yet effective, business model: Give consumers convenient access to the hottest new releases at an incredible value. Today, Redbox is one of America's primary destinations for entertainment, offering DVDs, Blu-ray and video games at more 34,500 kiosks across more than 29,000 retail locations nationwide. A Redbox kiosk is located within a five-minute drive of 68% of the U.S. population and the company recently rented its 2 billionth disc, said the company.

Because of multiple uses, the injection molded cases that hold the DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and video games need to hold up well while promoting the Redbox brand. "As a customer-facing component - and because the cases represent our brand - our focus was around quality, consistent product, scalability and demand," says Brad Weinshenker, Director of Engineering for Redbox. "In terms of movies and video games we do experience spikes in demand, and we also need the ability to respond quickly to a potentially changing environment. As we evolve our brand and expand into new market places such as Canada, we need the flexibility to produce cases to meet consumer expectations."
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