Mold manufacturing stays steady, but is a summer slump on the horizon?


The American Mold Builders Assn. (AMBA) released its latest member survey results for the Summer Business Forecast Survey and found that business conditions appear to be holding steady for the 90 AMBA members that responded. Current business conditions were 'excellent' or 'good' for 83% of the respondents, down from 90% in the Spring survey, but still quite strong. Most notable, was the drop in the number of 'excellent' responses, which fell from 36% in the Spring survey to 26% in the Summer survey.

In projecting their company's business over the next three months, 7% of respondents expected business to 'increase substantially' - the same as the Spring survey, and 81% expected their business to 'increase moderately or 'remain the same,' just a 2 percentage point drop from the Spring survey. Only 12% expected a decrease in business over the next three months, down a percentage point from the Spring survey.

Comparing their company's current level of business with the previous three months, quoting was up for 34% of respondents, virtually the same as three months ago. It was the 'same' for 46% of respondents, a drop of 5% from the Spring survey, and 'down' for 20% of respondents, slightly higher than the Spring survey.
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