Mold maintenance programs can expand your business opportunities


Providing mold maintenance service means that mold manufacturers can extend their business further downstream and create new opportunities.

Karl Szanto, vp operations for Tech Mold Inc. once said, "The benefits of running a trouble-free mold are obvious; increased productivity and profitability are just the beginning. Good care, an aggressive preventative maintenance program, and a vigilant production crew are the keys to running a mold that will provide a long, trouble-free production life."

Money can be saved and mold damage can be avoided with proper mold maintenance, but it's an often overlooked area. Many mold manufacturers have been in their customers' molding operations and most agree that there's a huge difference in how companies maintain their molds. While some are starting to implement good preventative maintenance practices due to their Lean Manufacturing programs, others let maintenance issues go until the mold goes down altogether. ...
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