Mold-mounted coinjection unit generates buzz for Mold-Masters


Mold-Masters is utilizing its E Multi mobile injection unit to empower its new Iris coinjection technology, letting injection molders bring coinjection capabilities to any machine in their shop with a system that actually attaches to the tool itself. At NPE, the hot-runner and injection molding technology supplier displayed the innovative concept in two booths, running a 38-mm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cap with an integrated EVOH barrier, as well as at JSW's booth, molding a PP container with EVOH barrier coinjected from the gate all the way through the containers' lip and foil seal area.

The tool at Mold-Masters booth was running on an Engel e-Motion 200 molding machine with a 16-cavity tool on a five-second cycle. The EVOH and the HDPE inject simultaneously with the valve gates helping control where the barrier material fills, allowing it to follow the HDPE, which forms a skin against the mold cavity that encapsulates the barrier within the cap. This eliminated the need to produce separate barrier inserts, which must then be placed into the cap in a separate step....
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