Mold-Masters UK has moved to Hereford

Mold-Masters UK Ltd has restructured operations with the relocation of its Birmingham office into the Mold-Masters European controller manufacturing plant in Hereford.

With the acquisition of leading temperature controller manufacturer PMS Systems in late 2009, Mold-Masters has laid the foundation to further strengthen customer support and services in the UK and Ireland. By combining their global hot runner and temperature controller business, Mold-Masters claims to become the world´s largest hot runner controller manufacturing company and the global leader in hot runner control technology.

"To provide our customers with even more dedicated support and a single point of contact, we have relocated our Birmingham office uniting it with our temperature controller business in Hereford", says Hans Hagelstein, Managing Director of Mold-Masters´ European entities. "This move will enable quicker turnaround on customer inquiries and will provide an enhanced portfolio of unique services and support solutions. Mold-Masters UK Ltd is now the main plant for all European temperature controller manufacturing as well as a new base for our European MasterCARE customer services program". Mr. Hagelstein underlined the importance of this measure as another indication of Mold-Masters´ ongoing commitment to world-class customer service. Mold-Masters´ European headquarters is based in Baden-Baden, Germany and provides a complete portfolio of hot runner solutions to the injection molding industry for the EMEA region.

Mold-Masters and PMS have worked closely together for many years in the development and supply of the highest quality and performing micro processor based temperature controllers. This seamless working relationship has enabled the two companies to take the next natural step in becoming a single company. Given the tremendous synergies between Mold-Masters and PMS, the new solutions and opportunities that will emerge will be very attractive to Mold-Masters´ global customer base. All new controllers will be presented under the well-known TempMaster brand - one of Mold-Masters´ product lines.

More information: www.moldmasters.com