Modular manifolds add NPT tapers for water-tight seals


On the market for three years, Kool Flow has sold "thousands" of its Flex Block Series manifolds, according to company President Ron Seabolt, who told PlasticsToday at Plastec West 2013 that Kool Flow had entered into a new relationships with mold component supplier, PCS.

New at the show was a series with NPT (national pipe thread) tapers for the manifold, including under/over tightening fittings. PCS points out that unlike straight threads, taper threads will pull snug and therefore make a fluid-tight seal.

Instead of pipe tape sealing water-line connections, Seabolt said an o-ring seal on the taper will create a tight seal that can be oriented in any direction. With the FP3 series (1.5-inch inlet and 3/8 to .5 inch outlet), molders can detach the water line at the hose. Ultimately, Seabolt said he also wants to make manifold assembly more efficient for distributors, like PCS. Now Kool Flow offers a 2-inch 2-station tie rod kit that he says will reduce cost and time to assemble....
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