© Klepper Faltbootwerft AG [dim_it:pic_desc]It is certainly the case that the folding kayaks used in the early days differ significantly in looks and technology from those in which British soldiers landed on the Falkland Islands in 1982 undetected by the Argentinian radar systems and established the first beachhead for the subsequent invasion. Not to mention the folding kayaks that are now being exhibited at “boot” in 2012. High-tech materials are used for the boat structure and surface in particular: the internal framework consists of wood, carbon fibre or aluminium, while the waterproof skin is made from Hypalon (chlorosulfanated polyethylene, CSM), a high-quality, extremely UV-resistant, temperature-resistant, non-ageing and tear-resistant elastomer, and/or polyurethane (PU), a plastic that can be used for many different purposes and that we will be reporting about here at a later date. (Source: Klepper Faltbootwerft AG)[/dim_it:pic_desc]